The experience provided to NICA student-athletes is only possible because of the contributions of dozens of volunteers at each race. On behalf of our student-athletes, our coaches, league directors and the NICA team, we thank you for devoting time from your weekend and/or parents who spend time away from spectating your racing student-athlete, in support high school mountain bike racing. Thank you also for taking the time to carefully read the guidelines for your position. Please email your volunteer coordinator or league director if you have any questions, feedback or concerns.

Announcing Assistant Volunteer Guidelines

Announcing invites all racers and all family into the action. This role allows the race announcer to be organized and keep up the energy level. You’ll be giving the announcer all the information he or she needs to announce athletes as they cross the finish line. The announcing assistant needs to be quick at calling the numbers as soon as they see them and then as they cross reference rider numbers with names and schools.

Course Setting Guidelines

Current-NICA-COURSE-SETTING-INSTRUCTIONS-3.5.15As a course setter you will be marking the course for NICA student athletes pre-riding and racing. With the direction of the Chief Course Setter or League Director, you will be placing markings to alert riders to turns, dangers and confirm they are on course. This involves you or your assigned course marking parter to you’re your mountain bike with a backpack full of course-setting supplies: course tape, signs, zipties and small wooden stakes. You’ll have fun getting out on course with some fellow League supporters. Come well prepared with your mountain biking gear and bring clothing for a range of weather, as well as sunscreen, snacks and drinks.

Course Marshal Guidelines

Course Marshals have an active role in ensuring safety on the course. Course Marshals stand at key marshal points along the course to warn riders of hazards, direct riders, ensure fair play and provide rapid response to incidents. Course Marshals may also act as crossing guards and/or league representatives to other trail users. Radios are provided to communicate report any incidents or to call in medical assistance. A note pad is provided to keep track of any outside support, rule violations and riders who abandon the race. Course Marshal’s can hike or ride bikes to their marshal points. Lastly, remember to cheer on those riders as they pass

Feed Zone Marshal Guidelines

Nutrition and hydration play key roles in keeping NICA students athletes safe and performing their best on the course. Feeders are often team volunteers doing this team job for their first time. As Feedzone Marshal, you will be guiding all the parent, coach and other volunteer feeders to keep the feedzone the ideal place it is for water and food hand-offs. The Feedzone Marshal needs to have a good understanding of the NICA rules about the feedzone and carries this portion of the NICA rulebook. (These rules are printed below.) “Everyone take one step back,” “No running,” and “Only feeders in the feedzone” are a few phrases parents and coaches come to expect from the Feed Zone Marshal. Keep everything high and enjoying being a key role at the feedzone.