In-person Leader's Summit April 23rd and 24th in Gallup, NM

Saturday April 23, 2022 @ 8:30am – 4:30pm

All new participants will be in OTB 101 and returning coaches that have completed OTB 101 may take OTB 201

NICA On-The-Bike Skills 101 (OTB 101)

NICA OTB training is designed for new and experienced coaches looking for effective skills and techniques for leading team practices and/or smaller groups as part of a team practice. Attendees will learn NICA-endorsed training methods, which includes the progressive steps needed to teach basic mountain biking skills to student-athletes. You’ll also learn about experiential teaching techniques, how to accommodate different learning styles, and how to create a positive learning environment for young riders. This course is required for coaches when first obtaining a Level 2 or 3 license and optional attendance can be used as CEU’s. OTB 101 will be held outdoors Saturday morning, so don’t forget your bike, helmet, flat pedals, and appropriate riding and safety gear for any potential weather!

NICA On-The-Bike Skills 201 (OTB 201)

This course is open for coaches that have completed OTB 101. On-the-Bike Skills 201 is the second level of mountain bike skills instruction for NICA coaches of student-athletes. On-the-Bike Skills 101 provides insight to help coaches provide fundamental skills instruction, manage a practice, and lead team rides. On-the-Bike Skills 201 continues with progressive skill development and further resources for coaches to manage more advanced practice activities for growing teams. The key objectives for this training are: Reinforce effective teaching methodology and skills instruction techniques; Introduce progressive skills required by riders of varying age, maturation, ability level, and goals; Provide the coach with practice activities to reinforce student-athlete skill development; and facilitate the creation and use of a progressive practice plan for student-athlete skills development and team activities.

In-person Leader's Summit with Dual Track

Saturday - Sunday April 23-24 @ Red Rock Park, Gallup

Track 1 – New Coaches

This track is for new coaches or those that have not attended a Leader’s Summit in the past (virtual or in-person).

  • NICA Coach Licensing and Registration
  • Risk Management Review for Coaches
  • Safety Reporting
  • NICA Handbook
  • Fundraising
  • Practice and Season Planning

Track 2 – Returning Coaches

This track is for returning Head Coaches, Team Directors or those that have attended a Leader’s Summit in the past (virtual or in-person). Head Coaches please bring examples of your team contracts and practice plans.

  • Practice and Season Planning
  • Establishing a Positive NICA Team Culture
  • Creating a Strong Team/Parent
  • Working with School Administrators
  • Workshops – Risk Management Scenarios; Designing NICA Practice Plans; Goal Setting